Smart snacking for healthy teeth

Smart snacking for healthy teeth It’s January and as ever at this time of year, the media inundate us with all sorts of conflicting dietary advice. Wonder diets, no-sugar, low-or no-carb, super foods, anti-snacking…The same is true for advice about what and how parents should feed their kids. I always think that the best advice…

Buddies Toothpaste

Parenting in progress

I have just returned from a weekend reunion with the ‘girls’ I shared a house with during our university years. Of course we are no longer girls and we shared much more than just a roof over our heads during that time.   We have seen each other through years of building careers, businesses,…

Encourage Kids to brush teeth

How To Encourage Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Children often just don’t care about personal hygiene. They love nothing more than getting as dirty as possible, wearing stains like trophies of a successful day spent adventuring. While clothes and skin can be easily cleaned, the stains in teeth can lead to cavities and tooth decay, and so convincing your kids of the importance of oral hygiene is a vital skill they will carry with them throughout their lives.